Reduce Stress: 3 Simple Techniques Using The Breath


In this book you will learn simple techniques on how to use the breath to reduce stress and get an overall view of what in our lives contribute to these stress and how to shift them.

The nervous system is our communication network through which we respond to internal and external stimuli. 

 This response is known as the stress response that produces harmful changes in the nervous system.
Stress is known to contribute to many diseases, including, but not limited to:

•Cardiovascular disease
•Autoimmune disease
•Digestive issues
•Endocrine and psychological disorders

Increasing our resilience to stress, can develop a healthy relationship to the natural stressors in life in turn decreasing the risk of chronic disease and increasing the state of harmony in the body, mind and spirit.

 The benefit of this harmony in the body, mind and spirit spills into your every day life, improving your health, outlook on life and relationships.

The three simple practices that are introduced in this book are easy to do and with practice, you can start feeling changes in your stress level as soon as today increasing your level of well-being.

-These are proven techniques that you can start today
If you are suffering from any kind of stress, anxiety depression or addiction, the techniques offered in this book can help create balance in all aspects of your life. It is written in a straightforward style as if I am speaking to you as a concerned friend, in which I am. We will identify things that are keeping you in states of stress to gain a better understanding, but the true power of this book resides in the authentic ancient practices listed at the end. My hope is that you put into practice these techniques as early as today and share this book and the information with others.