Private Yoga

Private yoga
It amazes me what can happen in a private session.  It is an honor to work in this intimate way exploring what is going on with each client, uncovering and helping them sweep the leaves off of their path is a blessing for me.  Many of the clients I work with have injuries or a dis-ease in the body and/or mind that effects their spirit or their true essence.

In a full yoga class the needs of individual students become part of the whole and for some, that is exactly what they need and for others that are searching and want to go a little deeper, a private setting that focuses on the individual can be just the key needed to unlock a door to a whole other world of understanding.

Private Yoga sessions focuses on health and wellness at all levels of the individual: physical, psychological and spiritual. In this form of intimate “Yoga Therapy” as I like to call it focuses on the path of yoga as a healing journey that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit through an experiential understanding of the true self.

The goal of most private Yoga sessions is to help manage conditions, restore balance, increase vitality, and re-awaken to your essential nature.  Understanding yoga as a “practice” can help you understand that it is what you put into it with pure intension is what you will get out of it and the possibilities can be endless.  With this assistance a beginner opens to greater possibility for living the path of yoga being mindful and conscious.



Are you new to yoga?

Would you like to join the neighborhood yoga studio or attend yoga classes at your gym but are just too shy to jump in? Private sessions are an excellent way to begin your own yoga practice. Develop your confidence by learning the fundamentals of yoga at your own pace. Ask questions when you like, take your time learning the poses, rest when you need to, and receive the individualized attention that you may not feel comfortable asking for in a group setting.

You would like to deepen or strengthen your practice?

Perhaps you are interested in understanding more about the ancient and broad teachings of Yoga. You may want to investigate more difficult poses or receive complete and detailed adjustments. Or there may be specific practices such as pranayama (breath work) or meditation that you would like to add to your practice. Private sessions allow us to tailor the teaching to your specific desires and inquiries.

Are you interested in developing a home practice?

You may be a beginner or experienced yogi who understands the benefits of a daily practice, but would like assistance developing one. Together we can create your own practice, working on your areas of interest such as alignment, sequencing, pranayama, meditation and/or the philosophical aspects of yoga.

Have you been away from yoga for a while?

You’ve had an active practice in the past but are just getting back into yoga, perhaps due to an illness or injury. Private sessions can allow us to reintegrate your body back into your practice while taking special care of your physical or emotional needs.

How do Private Yoga Sessions work?

We can meet either meet at your home or at a local yoga studio.  We will begin by discussing your needs, concerns, questions and goals. Then we work together, considering your individual situation, to develop a practice that is perfect for you.

How many times should we meet?

Ideally, we should plan to meet weekly or bi-weekly for a certain period of time, depending on your goals. This allows us time to reach your goals and address any deeper issues that may arise. However, we can work together to create a program that works with your schedule and budget.

What about group private lessons?

Practicing with a group gives us a chance to develop healthy habits with friends, family, or co-workers and to bring more mindfulness and respect to those relationships. Group practice also offers a chance to inspire or be inspired by those around you. These sessions can be held in one of the participants’ homes, a park, your business or a local studio.

Would you like to create your own group?

If you have a group of friends and cannot seem to make it to any of the yoga studios at the same time, gather your group of friends to meet regularly at a park or any other creative location that works for everyone.

Private Session Rates

Rates will be made affordable and designed around your personal needs.  Keeping the idea that yoga is for everyone.

Group Rates

Have a group that wants to practice yoga in a park or office building?
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